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David Kennet

The relentless nature of our mind can sometimes feel like a wild horse…Shaelah’s meditations [are] a fast-track way of accessing and remembering the deep stillness within. Her words and the sound of her voice act like a bridge between Heaven and Earth”

Clarity Barton

 “Shaelah’s meditations have helped me to open my ability to travel to other dimensions to gather information and healing. I love the environment that she creates for everyone to explore their intuitive gift and inner wisdom”.

Darren Austin Hall

 "Shaelah's profoundly gifted at guiding the meditative experience. She truly facilitates experiences of heightened awareness and even engaging mystical states of consciousness which are deeply healing for human beings bereft of such multi-dimensional experiences of reality. She is a masterful meditation teacher and guide on the journey to greater selfhood".
"Truth be told... I asked the Universe for a teacher and was given Shaelah. She invites us to share our sacred spaces while gently guiding us on our own spiritual path."

Elizabeth, Meditation Student

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