Angel Oracle Card Reading Testimonials

"Shaelah provided me with an inviting and peaceful atmosphere. She promotes calm, relaxation, and puts her clients comfort first. She takes her time to explain all aspects of the reading and is sensitive to any and all concerns expressed. My experience using her service was profound and created a sense of deep connection that I would highly recommend to any looking to explore or further deepen your understanding and respect for all things spiritual".

“Thank you for the amazing reading. I'm so grateful for the channeled wisdom and messages from my parents, mentor and Spirit Guides.”

"Shaelah has been reading my cards and helping me with Spiritual Guidance for over two decades. Her readings are so clear, direct, meaningful and enlightening. I always feel so light, at peace and assured of my path. My first mediumship session with her was so loving and emotional because of the descriptions of people and past events and spoken words were so precise and real. Thank you so much Shaelah!"

"Shaelah, thank you for sharing your gift of connection in such an authentic way. There is a natural presence about you and this really supports the time and attention you offer. You bring forward a true meaning in the way you you are able to explain and apply the information so personally. Thank you for taking this journey with me and guiding me to know more about myself".

"I went into the reading with no expectations and was blown away. My mother came through strongly with such loving messages for me. I was in tears. I highly recommend Shaelah and her amazing gifts."

"My reading was spot on! I keep referring to my notes from our session and I'm amazed at how accurate the information that came through was. Shaelah is a gifted Spiritual Advisor".



Guided Meditation Student Testimonials

"Shaelah is a gifted energy worker, psychic medium and meditation teacher. Following her guided meditations over the past 7 years has had a profound impact on my life. She has greatly helped me to step into my power and deepen my connection to spirit through her channeled guided meditations.

“The relentless nature of our mind can sometimes feel like a wild horse…Shaelah’s meditations [are] a fast-track way of accessing and remembering the deep stillness within. Her words and the sound of her voice act like a bridge between Heaven and Earth.”

“Shaelah creates a warm, safe space that sets you at ease while you are in a meditative state. She has greatly helped me to step into my power and deepen my connection to spirit through her channeled guided meditations”.

"Shaelah has helped me to open my ability to travel to other dimensions to gather information and healing. I love the environment that she creates for everyone to explore their intuitive gift and inner wisdom."

“Shaelah’s talents and gifts are an inspiring light to the world. When I asked for a meditation teacher the Universe brought me Shaelah. Her guided meditations opened up so many doors for me. He guidance and intuition is a breath of fresh air".

"One of the best spiritual readings I've ever had. Shaelah is a rare talent. I will be booking again!"