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About Me

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

I'd like to share a bit about my background and experience not only as a Certified Mindfulness Coach, Meditation Teacher and Yoga Instructor but also as a Mother - that's right, mother with a capital 'M'. Parenting is the ultimate job in my opinion :)

You might have seen my daughter and I in a Quaker Oats commercial called "Stay True" some years ago that told my story as a single mom following my heart and becoming a yoga teacher. It was such a fun experience to film with my then 8 year old daughter Ella (she's nearly 14 now) in the Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood in Toronto where we were living at the time. I'm now happily coupled to my soul mate Lance and our little family lives in Roncesvalles Village, a vibrant community in the west end of the city that's close to the water and our version of Central Park.

I began my journey with meditation almost 10 years ago in a small town in south western Ontario, very close the Michigan border. Life circumstances found me living hours away from family and, although I had made many wonderful friends in the community, I longed for something to fill my soul. Luckily, fate connected me with a gifted and loving mentor who has been teaching meditation for over 30 years. My life changed when I began attending "Meditation Group" at Elisabeth's house each Thursday night.

The evening would begin with a teaching from Elisabeth, the group is always welcome to contribute by adding opinions and experiences. We would then settle in for at least 1 hour of guided meditation, led by Elisabeth, where we were shown how to connect to our higher self, Source energy and the ever-flowing fountain of unconditional love within. We were reminded how to use our breath to avoid reacting from a place of ego or emotion and how to transform reactiveness into compassion and non-judgement. Afterwards each person would share their experience with the meditation with the others.

My time spent with the group was invaluable and I will be forever grateful to my dear Elisabeth for assisting me in so many ways. Even after I moved to Toronto, she continued to mentor and guide me as I found my footing and began a meditation group of my own. It's been 6 years now that group meets once a week at my home. During these years I've completed my Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, teaching classes after school to children and their parents, at lunchtime for corporate businesses as well as via zoom for a variety of clients. I also became a Certified Mindfulness Coach and recently opened a studio in the west side of Toronto with my wonderful life partner.

Over the past couple of months I have felt a greater sense of urgency to bring these meditation teachings to young children in a way that connects them with nature while empowering them with a sense of self. I hope that you and your kids enjoy the offerings. I look forward to a life-time of growth and gratefulness with you all.

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