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Instant Enlightenment

Ok, well maybe not instant... but definitely quicker than you think. Many people believe that the process of enlightenment takes a lifetime, and while this may be the case for some people it doesn't have to be. Often the types of meditation that we are doing, while beneficial, are providing only a tiny glimpse into what is possible.

As a psychic medium channel, the meditations I share with my students come directly from Spirit (or Source, Creation or whatever term resonates with you). What we are shown during each session is truly profound and opens one's eyes to the true nature of self. Through these meditations an instant connection is made to the divine energy within yourself and throughout the Universe.

We are all divine beings. We are made of Source Energy - the same energy that flows throughout the Universe and creates all things. This means we are not only one with each other but one with the Universe - and when you see yourself in your Astral Body during meditation, as big as the Universe itself, it is an awe-inspiring and activating experience.

My Beginner workshops start by leading my students through a series of playful and whimsical guided meditations that facilitate Inner Child Healing. This is the first step in preparing yourself to go deep. Once you have healed the most vulnerable part of yourself, you can begin to love yourself like never before. We also connect with our Guides and Spirit Team, The Archangels, Ascended Masters and Divine Celestial Beings who are known as The Seven Mothers. And no meditation would be complete without sending healing to our dearest Mother Earth.

The purpose of my meditation groups and workshops are to help people empower themselves. To come to know their divine gifts, to tune in to their intuition, to awaken their Higher Selves and step into their life's purpose. As a result many become more balanced and at peace, achieving a greater capacity for unconditional love and non-judgment - which ultimately makes for a more blessed and blissful life.

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