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Making Meditation Easy

There are a few steps to check off in order to make meditating easy for your little old soul. Young children are blessed with boundless energy and are often used to some sort of schedule in their daily lives. Here are some tips to help your child's experience with meditation:

  1. Designate a special chair, stool or pillow for meditation. Sitting up is best.

  2. It may help to draw the curtains or dim the lights.

  3. A quiet spot is key for being able to concentrate and relax.

And that's it! You may want to discuss with your little one how are they are feeling and what they experienced during the meditation. If you listen along as well, you will be able to reference the tools during emotional times and help your child access them.

If your child does lay down during a meditation he or she may fall asleep, and that's ok too. Meditation can do wonders and nap or bedtime.

I hope you enjoy your meditation journey with the young ones in your life!

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