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Meditation and Your Child

Updated: May 28, 2020

We often associate meditation with adults who need a reprieve from the stress of every day living. The truth is, our children need meditation just as much as we do, as they navigate their new little life in the big wide world.

After years of teaching meditation to adults using a unique guided meditation technique, I decided it was time to bring these techniques to young children, our beacons of hope for the future. After completing my certification in Restorative Yoga, I expressed to a fellow yogi that I felt called to teach restorative classes to younger kids in the community. She all but scoffed at the idea, expressing how challenging it would be and told me that the kids would never be able to stay still long enough to hold a pose.

I'm happy to say that I followed my instinct and began to teach an after school Flow and Restore class to kids aged 5-10 in the heart of downtown Toronto with great success. During the restorative half of class, I would begin each pose with a guided meditation, which allowed the children to let go of the busy school day and lose themselves in the poses.

Parents raved that their kids were never as calm as they were on Thursday evenings after my class, and would ask what my secret was. I'm happy to share that secret here with all of you here -meditation - and I am so excited to offer this collection of meditation videos designed for you child's needs. We are in unchartered times with so many unexpected developments popping up at every turn. We can fortify ourselves by knowing ourselves, and loving ourselves. And this is what Lotus Wisdom for Little Old Souls aims to do, provide our kids with the knowledge that they have everything they need to succeed - inside themselves.

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